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Year Round School Research


Year Round Concept

The concept and application of year round education has sparked a long-standing interest. Many educators are intrigued by the use of a modified calendar in their efforts to increase the learning of students and the efficiency of the educational enterprise.

Year round advocates espouse a learning theory that a school year with more frequent and shorter vacations, rather than one long summer vacation, would help students retain the information, concepts, and skills acquired before vacation and before the learning (forgetting) curve drops too steeply. Furthermore, advocates hold that utilizing expensive buildings and equipment for a longer period of the year makes good fiscal sense.

Year round education redistributes vacation so that the traditionally long summer vacation is replaced by shorter vacations throughout the year.


Moton’s 45-15 Plan

Robert Russa Moton Elementary School is a 45-15 Year Round School. Students enrolled attend classes for forty-five days (a regular nine-week quarter) followed by fifteen days of vacation/intersession. This plan was implemented as a means of ensuring maximum learning for our children. The intersession is designed to reinforce instruction to alleviate deficiencies and provide enrichment activities.

Our primary goal is to provide a quality education for at-risk students. Our children are presented a new and challenging curriculum to enrich their academic performance. We believe that we can make a difference at Robert Russa Moton Elementary School and we are “Teaching for Learning.”


Robert Russa Moton Charter School is a 45-15 year round school. Students enrolled attend classes for forty-five days (a regular nine-week quarter) followed by fifteen days of vacation/intersession.

The Intersession Program, an add-on project during the regular school year, is funded by the Title I school site allocation for Moton School. Three weeks of instructional activities and instructional field trips follow the first, third, and fourth quarters. This program is designed to reduce the number of failures by reinforcing skills to alleviate deficiencies. Accelerated activities are provided in reading and mathematics. Instructional continuity is provided during the intersessions.



Robert Russa Moton Charter School uses a variety of options for assessing the progress of a student’s ability. Realizing that a test score is an estimate of what a child can do at a particular time other instruments are used to formulate a complete picture of the student’s ability. Our assessment tools are overlapping and when used correctly are effective.

Our curriculum has built in assessments in the core subject areas and when used along with our school-designed quarterly tests, teacher made tests, and random sample testing a total picture of the students’ achievement is measured. This information is used to evaluate student progress and to assess the delivery of instruction. We have several monitoring documents that give an overview of the effectiveness of our programs such as, reading inventory forms; quarterly academic reports; instructional management charts, academic progress reports; and school-designed quarterly tests.

Moton’s School Designed Quarterly Tests are criterion referenced tests that measure the progress of students on a quarterly basis. These tests have been developed for reading, language, and mathematics for grades kindergarten through seventh grade. The test items correlate with the grade level scope and sequence which is a school-site quarterly breakdown of the Louisiana Content Standards and Benchmarks and the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). In addition to being a part of the compilation for quarterly grades, the results are utilized to provide correctives and intervention strategies, where needed.


In our quest to provide maximum learning experiences for our children, we are continuously assessing and revising instructional techniques and procedures during the year as well as the intersession. Through collaborative sessions with the principal, the curriculum team, reading specialist, and during staff meetings, we identify specific targets that are necessary to enhance instruction.

The instructional program at Moton Charter School focuses on manipulative driven instruction, visual aids, and effective planning. Alternative strategies and techniques are used to meet the specific needs of our students. Reading and mathematics intervention programs operate on a small group lesson format. Children receive services forty-five minutes daily Monday – Thursday. We offer early intervention, teacher empowerment, and high quality instruction. Robert Russa Moton Elementary School has a quality early childhood program in which progress is obvious, evident, and measurable.



The “School Designed” instructional program implemented at Moton School focuses on providing its students with a comprehensive background in basic skills with an emphasis on the teaching of higher order thinking skills and concepts which lead to on-grade level placement. A “Grade Level Scope and Sequence” for each grade level grades Pre-Kindergarten through Seventh, that allow for sequential learning of standards and benchmarks, has been developed. With the use of specific grouping techniques, students receive more individualized instruction. In addition to the regular program, specialty teachers work as a major component with the classroom teachers and students to provide instructional enrichment and enhanced learning experiences.

Special education is provided for students through inclusion and individualized services as specified on the child’s IEP. An instrumental music program is offered for those students who are desirous of learning to play an instrument and participate in the school band. After-school instruction is provided that focuses on activities in the areas of reading, mathematics, dance, theater/drama and arts and crafts.


The academic regimen of the Moton Charter School is designed to facilitate learning and develop scholarship in a safe and non-stigmatizing alternative education environment. Aimed at the development of the total student-academically, socially, physically and emotionally—the educational program:

  • aligns with the standards and benchmarks for learning and the new state accountability plan;

  • provides opportunities for practical applications of learning through technology utilization;

  • affords increased opportunities for personal growth and social development;

  • affords opportunities for teaming of students, teachers, parents, support staff and community.

Our curriculum design incorporates opportunities for immediate learning, transfer of knowledge and long-term impact of lessons learned. Students of the Moton Charter School have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned, to understand how their learning can be applied within their own social environments and to explore how their learning allows them to interact with community, society and the economy.

Moton Charter School offers innovative programs inclusive of year round education and performing arts and will continue to do so once. Strategies and methods will continue to be implemented to enrich the academic program. Year round education has proven to be advantageous for the economically disadvantaged students at Moton. It is critical to implement programs that will ensure success for children. We feel that our faculty and staff can provide a quality education to the students in Orleans Parish.

The educational program of the Robert Russa Moton Charter School will be designed to facilitate learning and develop scholarship in a safe and non-stigmatizing environment. Our focus is to focus on the development of the whole child academically, socially, physically and emotionally. The academic program:

  • aligns with the Louisiana Content Standards and Benchmarks for learning;

  • provides opportunity for practical application of learning through technology utilization

  • affords increased opportunities for personal growth and social development;

  • allows opportunities for teaming of students, teachers, parents and support staff

It is evident that many gains have been achieved from our initiatives inclusive of year round education and strategic plans that have been implemented. The instructional program at Robert Russa Moton Charter School continues to provide an excellent, quality education for our students to ensure a responsible and productive citizenry by providing an opportunity for more time on task. Students are presented with new and challenging curricula to enrich their academic performance, school-designed curriculum includes individualized and group instruction in the following academic subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Our program offers services to students in pre-kindergarten through seventh grade. The goal of Robert Russa Moton Charter School is to improve our students’ overall performance.


Accountability results in the past have evidenced that Moton School has had a “Growth Label”of “Exemplary Academic Growth” and a “Performance Label” of “Three Stars.” Robert Russa Moton Charter School has received many awards and recognitions including being designated a “High Performing, High Poverty” school. The Orleans Parents Educational Network (OPEN) has recognized Moton Charter School for its achievements and it has other recognitions, “Top Gains School” and “Top Ten Schools” in Louisiana.

We are aware of their backgrounds and understand that they must be motivated to want to learn. The students are anxious about coming to school and this is demonstrated by their attendance record in spite of the fact that they start school before the other schools and they end school after the other schools . Standards of behavior are established and reinforced by all. All students know the school’s expectations as related to discipline.

The faculty and staff of Robert Russa Moton Charter School have high expectations for our students.