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Uniform Policy

Robert Russa Moton Charter School requires mandatory school uniforms. Each child is to wear his/her school uniform every day. The uniform is as follows:


Khaki Pants or Khaki Shorts  (A+ School Apparel)

White Knit Polo Type Shirt (No button down shirts.)

Black, White, or Khaki Socks (Full, down socks and No No-Shows)

Black or Brown Leather Belt

Black Shoes (Uninterrupted)


Brown Plaid Skirt (boxed pleated), Jumper (box pleated), Plaid Shorts or Plaid Pants

White Uniform Blouse with round (No Butterfly/Peter Pan Collar (button down front). No buttons on the sleeves. Girls do not wear the polo type white shirt.

Black, White, or Khaki Socks (Full roll Crew or Ankle socks; No No-Shows)

Black or Brown Leather Belt

Black Shoes (Uninterrupted)  No Ballerina type shoes or Boots are allowed.


Shoes must be all black with no other colors including the sole.

Boots of any type, style, or name are not considered a uniform shoe and are not allowed.

The above stipulated shoe is all black with no other colors including the soles and shoestrings. It is an example of the type shoes that will be accepted and the shoes can be purchased at several different stores. If you can find a less expensive shoe that is all black, then you can purchase the less expensive shoe. If the complete shoe is not all black, then it will be unacceptable. All girls’ shoes must have a strap or strings. No ballerina type shoes will be accepted.

All undergarments worn under the uniform shirt must be black or white. Novelty tee shirts are not allowed to be worn as undergarments.

Sweaters or light weight jackets are allowed within the school and classrooms, but must be either the Moton Charter School jacket or all black, all brown, or all white jackets. Sweaters or jackets with logos are not allowed.

The plaid uniforms for girls in grades Pre-K through Seven can be purchased from Schiro’s. The pleated skirt that is acceptable is not the plaid Wrap Skirt, it’s box pleated with four large pleats. We ask that all girls in grades Pre-K wear the plaid jumpers, plaid shorts, or plaid pants. Girls in grades K through 3 can wear the plaid jumpers, plaid shorts, plaid pants, or plaid skirt (not the pleated wrap skirt). Girls in grades 4 through 7 must wear the plaid pleated skirts (not the pleated wrap shirt), plaid shorts, or plaid pants. Girls must wear either the “School Apparel A+ white blouse with the Peter Pan/Butterfly (round) collar or any comparable brand with the Peter Pan/Butterfly (round) collar. Blouses must not have yokes, buttons on the sleeves, puffed sleeves or other embellishments.

All accessories such as hair ribbons, barrettes, head bands, etc. must be the school’s plaid, khaki, brown, black or white. Girls are not to wear oversized earrings and boys are not to wear any earrings. Small to average size belt buckles are the allowable size. Necklaces, bracelets, and chains are not a part of the uniform and are therefore not allowed.

Please note that all boys must wear regulation uniform khaki pants and shorts (A+ School Apparel). Dickies, Carpenter, and Cargo pants are not acceptable. The boys’ uniforms can be purchased from any uniform store. All boys’ pants must have belt loops and boys must wear belts. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings or have designs and carvings in their heads.


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