School Bus Transportation

Student Transportation

Transportation will be available on the first day of school. The buses will run the same routes from last year on the first week, after which, we may adjust the pick up sites after adding new students and routes.

If there are any address changes, please contact us at (504) 245-4400. Bus routes (pick up and drop off) should be no more than approximately four blocks of the child’s home. Children should not have to cross major streets to board buses. If there are any pickup and drop off locations that may appear to be located in a harmful/dangerous area please notify us of such.

All children are expected to behave appropriately on the school bus. Repeated misbehavior, disobedience or dangerous behavior could result in suspension of bus transportation privileges. Bus Drivers are the authorities from pick up to drop off.

In case of a school-based transportation concern, parents and guardians should contact Coach B. Bolds, Positive Behavior Coordinator at 504-245-4400 or 504-435-5063. She is the designated person for information on bus schedules, seat issues, discipline, or other business related to Robert Russa Moton Charter School bus services.

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