Harvest Fest COVID Guidelines

Harvest Fest 2020-Guidelines


Harvest Fest 2020

  1. The Harvest Festival will be held during school time as an extracurricular event.
  2. All COVID-19 regulations from the Governor and the Mayor will be honored.
  3. Classes will remain in their static groups with a maximum of 25 students per group.
  4. All group activities will be limited to 50 people or less in large open spaces.
  5. Student groups will follow a schedule of activities to keep within COVID-19 Guidelines. (see attached)
  6. The nurse will screen the 4 parent volunteers in the Trunk or Treat activity.
  7. No outside children or infants can participate.
  8. All adults must wear masks and gloves (where necessary).
  9. The school’s surveillance system will be employed to supervise the entire school at all times.
  10. All rides and games will be thoroughly cleaned between each static group.
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