Robert Russa Moton Charter School
8550 Curran Boulevard
New Orleans, Louisiana 70127
Board of Directors

Standing Committees

Four Standing Committees assist the AIS Board of Directors: Academics, Facility, Finance and Governance. Standing Committees meet regularly to discuss business that will be included in the agenda of the monthly business meetings of the full Board of Directors. Anyone interested in attending a Standing Committee Meeting is welcomed. These are public meetings. Please contact the Chairperson via email for a schedule of dates.



Debra Adams, Chair
Cheryl Beaco
Ora Wiley
Charmaine Sonnier



The academics committee shall be responsible for the oversight of the following tasks:

1. The principal’s management of the academic program.
2. Academic policies and procedures to maintain and promote academic excellence.
3. Assessment of the adequacy of the school’s academic human resources as well as its physical resources.
4. An annual review the Teacher and Parent/Student handbook.


Terry Clay, Chair
Charmaine Sonnier
Cheryl Beaco




The Facilities Committee shall help the Board of Directors in its oversight to do the following tasks:

1. Ensure the Board’s compliance with OPSB Policy HD, Charter School Facilities Management.
2. Ensure the Board’s compliance with OPSB Policy FJ, Orleans Parish School Facilities Preservation Program.
3. Ensure adherence to the OPSB Facilities Procedures Handbook.
4. Review all required licenses or permits annually.
5. Review all insurance and liability certificates annually.
6. Present any issues with the Charter School Facilities Lease to the AIS Board of Directors.

Ora Wiley, Chair
Debra Adams
Debra Gould
Raven Hodges-Bell



The Finance Committee shall help the Board of Directors in its oversight related to the following tasks:

1. The quality and integrity of the Corporation’s financial reporting processes and accounting practices;
2. The adequacy and effectiveness of its systems of internal controls regarding finance, accounting, and legal and regulatory compliance;
3. The performance, qualifications, and independence of its independent auditors;
4. Oversight relating to the annual budget process by reviewing and recommending the annual budget and capital expenditures for approval by the Board of Directors;
5. Monitoring and overseeing long-range financial objectives;
6. The development of the Corporate Investment Policy;

Louvinia Wallace, Chair
Terry Clay
Ora Wiley
Debra Gould




The Governance Committee shall advise the Board on issues relating to these tasks:

1. Quality of Board and Director performance and that of any special and standing committee of the Board.
2. Making recommendations regarding membership on the Board to the Board of Directors.
3. Reviewing of matters of ethical concern involving members of the Board and shall make recommendations for resolution of such matters to the Board.
4. Making suggestions for changes, additions or editing of the By-Laws as needed, annually.
5. Ensuring that the AIS Board is in compliance with OPSB Policy HB – Charter School Accountability Framework.

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