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Moton’s 45-15 Plan

Robert Russa Moton Elementary School is a 45-15 Year Round School. Students enrolled attend classes for forty-five days (a regular nine-week quarter) followed by fifteen days of vacation/intersession. This plan was implemented as a means of ensuring maximum learning for our children. The intersession is designed to reinforce instruction to alleviate deficiencies and provide enrichment activities.

Our primary goal is to provide a quality education for at-risk students. Our children are presented a new and challenging curriculum to enrich their academic performance. We believe that we can make a difference at Robert Russa Moton Elementary School and we are “Teaching for Learning.”


Robert Russa Moton Elementary School is a 45-15 year round school. Students enrolled attend classes for forty-five days (a regular nine-week quarter) followed by fifteen days of vacation/intersession.

The Intersession Program, an add-on project during the regular school year, is funded by the Title I school site allocation for Moton School. Three weeks of instructional activities and instructional field trips follow the first, third, and fourth quarters. This program is designed to reduce the number of failures by reinforcing skills to alleviate deficiencies. Accelerated activities are provided in reading and mathematics. Instructional continuity is provided during the intersessions.


The student population comprises Pre-Kindergarten thru Seventh Grade and Special Education. New Orleans East is our primary attendance district but as a result of the special program (year round education) that we offer our student population includes children from throughout Orleans Parish. Our population matriculates from all areas of the city inclusive of the eastbank and westbank. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch.


The “School Designed” instructional program implemented at Moton School focuses on providing its students with a comprehensive background in basic skills with an emphasis on the teaching of higher order thinking skills and concepts which lead to on-grade level placement. A “Grade Level Scope and Sequence” for each grade level grades Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth, that allow for sequential learning of standards and benchmarks, has been developed. With the use of specific grouping techniques, students receive more individualized instruction. We use Opening the World of Learning, Wit & Wisdom, and Eureka Math tier 1 curriculums. In addition to the regular program, specialty teachers work as a major component with the classroom teachers and students to provide instructional enrichment and enhanced learning experiences.

Music classes are provided throughout the day in the Music Room as well as in individual classrooms in conjunction with our school’s focus on “performing arts.” These classes are also included in our after-school program. An instrumental music program is offered for those students who are desirous of learning to play an instrument and participate in the school band. After-school instruction is provided that focuses on activities in the areas of reading, mathematics, computer, dance, and arts and crafts.