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d/b/a Robert Russa Moton Charter School
8550 Curran Boulevard New Orleans, Louisiana 70127

August 17, 2020


Dear Parents and Members of the Moton Family,

Robert Russa Moton Charter School is a Jewel in New Orleans East where our children learn, grow, are nurtured, and reach their full potential. We have a rich legacy of determination and rising to challenges in the past, knowing that they have only made us stronger and braver. We can take on anything this crazy world throws our way.

Here we are again! Our current challenge is fiscal accountability complicated by the effects of COVID-19. However, this trial is not only one for the Moton family but for the entire world. Just as COVID-19 has impacted each of our lives financially, socially, and emotionally, Moton has been impacted in the same ways. The Advocates for Innovative Schools, Inc., Robert Russa Moton Charter School’s Board wants to assure every student, parent, grandparent, caregiver, and staff member that we will be here to face each day with courage, passion and determination throughout this challenging time to ensure that our students continue to learn, grow, be nurtured and succeed.

Despite much fear and anxiety about budget cuts, our Board of Directors recently adopted a restructuring plan at a Special Board Meeting on August 13, to save all classroom teaching positions and maintain most of our enrichment teaching positions. Two of our teachers decided to leave Moton for positions elsewhere. Our students will be greeted by many of the same familiar faces they know and love. Teaching and learning have always been our number one priority and that will never change.

Whenever we experience life changes and challenging situations, there comes a time when we must make some difficult decisions. This is such a time for the Robert Russa Moton Charter School. Due to the resignation of our principal, Ms. Tarynesa Williams, the Board is charged to not only continue the excellent work that she and the staff have started with our children, but to move Moton forward in this atmosphere of protests, a pandemic and politics. We extend to Ms. Williams our best wishes for much success in her future endeavors and thank her for making a difference in the lives of our children during the past two years.

Mrs. Deidra Bradley

The Board has appointed Mrs. Deidra Bradley, a most capable administrator, former principal, and seasoned educator as the Interim Principal and a Transition Team, which will provide her support and guidance. Reach out to Mrs. Bradley with any questions or for information you need regarding this transition. You can email her at dbradley@motoncharter.org or drop off your questions in the office at the front desk. You will receive a response within 48 hours and sometimes, sooner.

We invite you to contact any member of our Board, Mrs. Bradley or the Transition Team for information regarding Moton School. Let us hear from you, your questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions. Continue to be involved as a member of TEAM MOTON and do your part to ensure that our children are served with excellence. Our staff is committed to moving our students forward with high quality instruction, high expectations, and decisions in their best interest. We have made progress and will continue to invest in our school to make sure we are shining brightly in the days and years ahead. Parents, guardians, and staff, we need your full support during this transition phase and as we face this demanding new year.


Barbara Crain-Major, AIS President
Members of the Board of Directors and Transition Team

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2019 – 2020 Year in Review

For Moton’s Special Education Program Description Click Here

Homework Assistance Services

Link to online website address for homework services is http://www.homeworkla.org/

Source: L.A. R.S. 17:182.1, 17:3996(B)(39)

Fee Schedule

There is a $25 after care fee at Robert Russa Moton Charter School.

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