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Message from the Principal


Welcome to our 2017-2018 school year. We are looking forward to having you as a part of our school family. Your child will have the opportunity to get to know many of our great students.

We are pleased to have you as partners this educational year. As the year moves forward and you become either more informed or more confused, we encourage you to call the school and talk to those who might be of help. If your question deals with in-class events, please speak with the teacher. If your question deals with the overall program, please contact the office directly.

Robert Russa Moton Charter School has operated since 2006 – 2007. We are an open enrollment school with no academic entrance requirements. The Robert Russa Moton Charter School is open to all students residing in Orleans Parish. The admissions process is designed to ensure open access, and, at the same time, introduce prospective students to the values, environment and expectations of the institution.

Robert Russa Moton Charter School is a 45-15 Year Round School. Students enrolled attend classes for forty-five days (a regular nine-week quarter) followed by fifteen days of vacation/intersession. This plan was implemented as a means of ensuring maximum learning for our children by providing more time on task. The Intersession Program, which operates during the fifteen days off, is designed to reinforce instruction to alleviate deficiencies and provide enrichment activities.

The motto for Robert Russa Moton Charter School is Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding are the Keys to Success. The mission statement is to provide maximum learning experiences to enable our children to be Motivated, Outstanding, Talented, Organized, No nonsense learners. Our primary goal is to provide a quality education for our students. We present our children with a school-designed quality curriculum to enrich their academic performance. We believe that we can make a difference at Robert Russa Moton Charter School and we are “Teaching for Learning.”

We strive to make each year our best year.


Paulette P. Bruno, Principal/CEO

Robert Russa Moton Charter School