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For the Special Education Plan for the School and District click here

Below is a list of positions available here at Moton.
Middle School Interventionist
Lower School Interventionist
Special Education Teacher
Special Education Para Educator
ESL Teacher
Middle School ELA
Middle School Math
Middle School Social Studies
Middle School Science
Performing Arts Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Computer Technology Teacher
Dean of Students 
Part-Time Nurse


Homework Services

Homework, at Moton Charter School, is assigned weekly at the beginning of each. It is assigned as practice of skills to reinforce what is taught. Homework assists in supporting what has already been taught. Moton’s after school program devotes scheduled time to homework services Monday – Thursday.  Link to online website address for homework services is http://www.homeworkla.org/

Source: L.A. R.S. 17:182.1, 17:3996(B)(39)

Fee Schedule

There are no fees charged and therefore there are no Fee Schedules at Robert Russa Moton
Charter School.